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How old were the Lifeline Concorde battery packs? Like everyone else defined.

How old were the Lifeline Concorde battery packs? Like everyone else defined.

I have 16 of same battery packs, and I also furthermore practiced some of just what actually you may be explaining with unequal battery charging.

With mine, i am aware that they’re sulfated to various grade, in order that has actually brought about some of the imbalanced asking voltages. I got myself my personal Lifelines at a reduced cost as “NEW”, however they have sat for quite some time and comprise deeply discharged before I actually ever had gotten them. I also ended up setting my personal cost voltages in the reduced conclusion of Lifeline’s tips, in order that i’dn’t overcharge many battery packs.

Really works OK for a crisis back-up power supply program which seldom neeed, but they are not the things I’d want to be determined by for each day off grid living. Some time, i really hope attain a new collection of battery packs and obtain to best start (and get very good care of them).

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Listed here is Edward’s “keyturbocars” thread in which he did a bunch of investigation and testing a create to recover Lifeline AGM batteries:

If the battery packs in show (and match) include really mismatched (i.e., great electric battery in series with sulphated battery) might cause the unbalanced charging where one power try billing at “low current” in addition to additional at “high current”.

Charging/recovering batteries separately can help. Also coordinating batteries by capability (“high” ability in one single string, “low” capacity in the second collection sequence) can help also.

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I trust Costs. Dealing with each power separately is a good idea. I did they plus it performed let my condition. Even so, my batteries happened to be so far visited start with that condition continues to be maybe not fantastic. Things are best though.

In the event the battery financial try more recent and also in best condition after that mine, subsequently attempting to equalize each battery separately based on Lifeline’s procedure might offer you good results.

Re: 48 Volt battery financial wiring

Final I examined the relaxing voltage these were within .01 to .10 of each some other. (really my battery packs never “rest”). Just examined (7:25 PM).. Neg part parallel batteries at 12.75v, .07 to .10 more than all the battery packs approximately a 150w to 200w burden.

I got myself the initial two electric batteries March ’10 while the latest string of four in Oct ’10. (incidentally, two of the strings have released batteries (12.5 – 12.7). I becamen’t thrilled to need paid that kinda cash for new electric batteries then need to invest a few days asking them before i possibly could use them).

All in all, i am ecstatic with your little Lifeline batteries..

You will find another tiny 4-battery-12v-system of Costco wet-cell electric batteries. Bit larger baptist dating gratis in total amp hours compared to Lifelines but of course, they just cannot take much of a load for a long time compared to the lifelines

Re: 48 Volt battery bank wiring

Your own batteries were (and are) in definitely better form than mine were. If mind serves me correct, I think a few of my personal electric batteries had been reading only 11.5V while I took them from the boxes. They seated for just two AGE before i purchased them. Other batteries comprise greater, nevertheless they were all over. They certainly were all low!

I thought I happened to be obtaining a great deal paying around 1/3 rate (obtaining 3 when it comes to cost of 1)!. In actuality I was spending a large number for scrap contribute! UGH! It’s incredible at how good obtained come around all things thinking about, but they are not the things they must certanly be. Eventually we want to still do it. For the present time, they have been enough for just what Now I need.

Later on, i would ike to have a couple of strings associated with 6V Lifeline GPL-6CT (oversized tennis cart proportions) that are rated at 300A/H each. Now, I’m going to make sure these include factory new and all sorts of from the exact same great deal. And I’m probably heal them as if they are produced from SILVER!

Re: 48 Volt battery pack financial wiring

Thank you and you may reveal David the drawing.

Re: 48 Volt battery bank wiring

I am not saying keen on mix trapping battery packs of various chain. I favor to help keep each string as standalone.

Crosstrapping makes it tougher to discover a power supposed bad. It also has actually a higher potential for taking right out additional great battery packs since terrible power supply initiate increasing the cost voltage on additional battery packs. It is possible to juggle batteries around sometimes to match up collection linked current per battery pack and present each sequence.

You will find ten chain of four collection 12v batteries (forty batteries).

I’ve 100 amp shunts on bad lead for each in the strings and track each electric batteries voltage frequently. I’ve a typical 500 amp shunt for a trimetric watch.

We have two parallel strings per cart (about 550 pounds per cart) with 350 amp Anderson connector for every single on the five carts. Carts take casters so it is very easy to move the Anderson connector and roll an individual cart for provider.

Each cart is actually 27″ long, 24″ large, and 15″ deep so does not fill up excessive space from wall surface. Welded all five collectively, typically from salvaged bed frame angle metal.

Gone operating this config for around 15 years. The 5th cart at much appropriate had been a later increase rather than paired for line duration but There isn’t much current variance because low current per sequence making use of 2/0 interconnects.

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