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10 ways we use math everyday


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    Hi there! how are you doing?

    Do you know how math playing major role in our daily life?

    How important and vital it is for us in mastering every skill involving math especially the basics.

    Here I would like to share 5 ways how we use math in everyday.

    1. Communication – communicate through mobile phone is the popular way nowadays. Therefore, basic math skill shall be applied like example they need to know what number to dial, the appropriate code that determine states or country, email address, the limit of each file can be uploaded and much more.
    2. Kitchen activities – baking and cooking requires some mathematical skill as well. The ingredient for different kind of dishes, have different measurement. Adding and multiplying everything must be done to get the exact amount you need. Even using the stove for baking, basic math is crucial.
    3. Shopping and banking – imaging if you don’t have the idea to manage your money. This will cause a huge disaster in your life.
    4. Gardening – sow new seeds or plant requires basic math skill for measuring and calculating.
    5. Planning an outing –  Your math skill will crucially apply here. You will plan your way there and you will use your time wisely, math is your guide that will help and assist you.

    Hey, lets take a break by watching this video.

    You can also watch other interesting movies like Cast Away or Apollo 13-showing how math can save their lives and guide them to survive.

    Now I need you to help me add another 5 ways we use math everyday. Can you do that? Yup, I know you can. Please come up with your great idea. Everyone of you has the experience using math in daily life.

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